Karla Lottini is the pen name for Mexican journalist and whistleblower Karla Berenice García Ramírez who has sought asylum in Canada. Lottini fled to Canada as an asylum seeker in 2008. While in Canada, Karla Lottini launched her non-fiction book, The Talent of Charlatans, an exposé of the severe corruption within the cultural agencies of the Mexican Government.

According to UBC's Manuela Valle, "Karla Lottini is an amazingly brave woman, journalist, and mother who is facing deportation back to Mexico. She has been denied political asylum despite the death threats she has received after the publication of her book. The support from Canadians to her case is absolutely critical to protect her and her family from an increasingly violent and deadly climate of censorship in Mexico."

In Mexico, Lottini worked for a government ministry, the National Council for Culture and Arts (Conaculta), and won awards including Cultural Journalist of the State (Quintana Roo, 2000). While employed at Conaculta, she uncovered severe corruption within the government ministry. As a result, Lottini and her family members were allegedly subjected to verbal and physical intimidation including repeated death threats.

By 2012, she and her husband had two Canadian-born children, including a one-year-old as well as a newborn baby. As is the case for 90% of Mexican asylum seekers in Canada, Karla has been refused refugee status but has an active application to remain in Canada on humanitarian and
compassionate grounds and is also seeking a judicial review of her Pre-Removal Risk Assessment.

A press conference about her predicament was held with her lawyer Lobat Sadrehashemi on January 19, 2012, at 10 am, at Vancouver's YWCA (733 Beatty Street).


The Talent of Charlatans (published in partnership with the Liu Research Group on Gender and Sexuality in Latin America)