A shepherd-turned-science writer, Daniel Loxton is the Victoria-based editor of Junior Skeptic magazine as well as a picture book author for young children. After he wrote Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be, he has written and illustrated a series called Tales of Prehistoric Life. In book two of that series, Plesiosaur Trouble, a flying reptile encounters a pack of tiny dinosaurs. For this story mixing digital illustrations with landscape photography, Loxton and his co-illustrator Jim W.W. Smith received the $5,000 Bolen Books Children's Book Prize in 2014.


Evolution (Kids Can) $19.95 978-1-55453-430-2
Ankylosaur Attack (Kids Can) $16.95 978-1-55453-631-3
Pterosaur Trouble (Kids Can) $16.95 978-1-55453-632-0
Plesiosaur Peril (Kids Can 2014) ) $16.95 978-1-55453-633-7

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