Born in 1876, Nora de Bertrand Lugrin was the pseudonym for Nellie Shaw, the daughter of Colonist editor, Charles Lugrin. Nora Lugrin authored The Pioneer Women of Vancouver Island, 1843-1866, edited by John Hosie (Victoria: Women's Canadian Club, 1928). The book contains material gleaned from conversations with pioneer women interviewed in the 1920s. The subjects included the congregation of the Sisters of St. Ann and bride ships - ships that carried "young English women of the better kind"; to Victoria, in the hopes the women would "be a civilizing force in the colony."; The volume is significant for its production qualities. All materials were made in British Columbia, from paper to binding, etc.

Lugrin was also an artist who contributed a portrait of Victoria novelist Lily Adams Beck for an article in Macleans magazine in 1925. She died in 1962.

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