Former Vancouver journalist Ian Macdonald, born in Glasgow, Scotland on May 11, 1928, has co-authored, with former Vancouver journalist Betty O'Keefe:

The Klondike's 'Dear Little Nugget' (Horsdal & Schubart 1996 $12.95)
Earthquake--Your Chances, Your Options, Your Future (Cavendish Books 1996) 0-929050 60-6
The Mulligan Affair: Top Cop on the Take (Heritage 1997 $16.95) 1-895811-45-7
The Final Voyage of the Princess Sophia (Heritage 1998 $16.95) 1-895811-64-3;
The Sommers Scandal: The Felling of Trees and Tree Lords (Heritage 1999 $16.95) 1-895811-96-1
Canadian Holy War: A Story of Class, Tongs, Murder and Bigotry (Heritage $17.95) 1-894384-11-3
Merchant Prince: The Story of Alexander Duncan McRae (Heritage 2001 $16.95) 1-894384-30-X
Born to Die: A Cop Killer's Final Message (Heritage 2003 $16.95) 1-894384-69-5
Dr. Fred and the Spanish Lady (Heritage 2004 $18.95) 1-894384-71-7
Disaster on Mt. Slesse (Caitlin Press, 2006). The story of Western Canada's worst air crash, TCA flight 810 in December, 1956.

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Review of the author's work by BC Studies:
Dr. Fred and the Spanish Lady: Fighting the Killer Flu
Quiet Reformers: The Legacy of Early Victoria's Bishop Edward and Mary Cridge
The Sommers Scandal: The Felling of Trees and Tree Lords