W.A. "Bill" Macdonald's Trout Tales & Salmon Stories (Oolichan Books, 1994) has been described by its publisher in 1994 as: "a nostalgic collection of some of the best stories, articles, and photographs from the life's work of Bill Macdonald - master fisherman, outdoor writer, philosopher-conservationist, and a former director / producer for the National Film Board of Canada. During his life Bill Macdonald has written and published well over a thousand articles and stories. In each one his love of fishing and the natural world comes bubbling through. His enthusiasm for angling is infectious; his knowledge of the sport, from the simplest handlining tackle to guided expeditions, prodigious. In Trout Tales & Salmon Stories Bill Macdonald shares some of his most memorable fishing trips. He gives advice on tackle, equipment, and fishing techniques suitable to the time of year and the species of fish sought. The majority of these stories and articles were written in the late forties and early fifties. Many were first written at the urging of the late Ted Trueblood when Ted was fishing editor for Field and Stream magazine in New York. However, all of Bill Macdonald's pieces are as timely today as when they were written. Every reader will find in these pages a refreshing tonic against the ills of our age and a thousand reasons for donning their chest waders, dusting off their lines, sharpening their hooks, mossing down their creels, packing up their rods, and heading into the great outdoors to go fishing." Macdonald was living in Surrey when his first book was published at age 86. He turned 87 in July of 1994.

[BCBW 1994] "Fishing"