Almost anyone can publish an e-novel nowadays, exclusively available on-line. At BCBW, preferring to support bookstores, we tend to overlook them. But that doesn't mean they can't have value... According to her promotional materials, Sharon MacGougan has worked for 30 years as an instrumental music teacher in the public school system prior to her retirement and becoming a Pak Hok (White Crane) kung fu instructor with over 18 years experience training and teaching in Vancouver. Active in Amnesty International, with a focus on indigenous issues, she has written an e-novel, The Mayan Mysteries (Blue Angel 2012 $1.98), about "the disappearance of the ancient Maya"; although the Maya still persist in Central America. The protagonist is a middle-aged teen, Josephine, who learns the identity of her father at age fifteen. When he soon vanishes, "Josephine embarks on a journey, accompanied by Xanthaw, a Mayan high priest from the ancient past and Juan, a young man who acts as her protector and guide. She and her companions battle the dark forces in a series of adventures through Mexico, Peru and far off Egypt."; ASIN: B00AHOM0PM

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