Teasingly packaged but far less provocative on the inside, Judy MacInnes Jr.'s Snatch (Anvil $12.95) is more or less about coming-of-age in suburbia. Michael Turner has generously recommended this thin first volume of poetry for 'anyone who willingly forgot what it was like to grow up.' But the blurb writing here is more sophisticated than the contents. Snatch is supposed to be creepy and hilarious but it is neither; it is mostly conspicuous as the companion volume to a CD. Billed as everybody's favourite Surrey grrrl, the author is offering willy-nilly snippets to take delight "in playful transformation from the banal to the subversive";. The suspicion arises that the author is stronger on ambition than talent. She already has a forthcoming collection of short fiction to be called Campfire Slut. Snatch 1-895636-27-2

[BCBW 2000] "Poetry"