Mack the life

Ever since Chiefs Baptiste Ritchie and Sam Mitchell of the Mount Currie and Fountain reserves recommended Charlie Mack as the best source of Lil'wat stores in 1969, ethnographers Randy Bouchard and Dorothy Kennedy began visiting his Birkenhead River cabin in the Pemberton Valley.

The more Mack shared his world view and more code as a master storyteller, with animated renditions in both Lil'wat and English, the more a friendship between the trio became crucial for recording Mack's continuity with a mythological past.

Two decades after his death, the team of Bouchard and Kennedy have compiled a tribute to Mack's essential role in B.C. ethnography with The Lil'Wat World of Charlie Mack (Talonbook $24.95), ensuring his rightful place in B.C. literature.

Embedded with history and myth and personal experiences, Mack's stories are re-contextualized to provide "a more holistic understanding of this Lil'Wat elder's world.";

Mack was born in 1899 and died in 1990. His stories were first recorded, translated and published in Lillooet Stories (BC Archives, 1977).


Lillooet Stories (BC Archives, 1977).

The Lil'Wat World of Charlie Mack (Talonbooks 2010) $24.95

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