"The family that builds a log house knows their home as a work of art." -- B. Allan Mackie

Bernard Allan Mackie was born in 1925. Since 1971, he has become one of B.C.'s bestselling but least publicized authors. His Building With Logs (1971) had nine printing in its first nine years, plus he and his partner Mary Mackie have published Log House Plans, Notches of all Kinds, The Picture Book of Log Homes and other log building-related titles from their Log House Publishing. He has operated a registered trade school for log building near Prince George called the B. Allan Mackie School of Log Building. Mackie has also been creating a series of 16 mm documentaries of log construction.


Building with Logs
Notches of all Kinds
Log House Plans
Log Span Tables
Open Timber Roofs of the Middle Ages
The Canadian Log House
Mackie School of Log Building Newsletter

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