Now a resident of Nelson, BC, Dave Macleod was born in the U.S. to Canadian parents. His place of birth has not handicapped his knowledge of Canadian topics, however. O Canada Crosswords (Nightwood, 2007) contains 75 Canadian-themed crosswords, drawing their clues from a wide array of topics including history, culture, geography, politics and Canadian identity.

O Canada Crosswords Book 8, with Barbara Olson. (Nightwood, 2007). 978-0-88971-217-1 : $12.95.

Canada Crosswords Book 9: 75 Themed Daily-size Crosswords, with Barbara Olson. (Nightwood 2008). 978-0-88971-225-6 : $12.95.

O Canada Crosswords Book 11, with Barbara Olson. (Nightwood, 2010) 978-0-88971-253-9 : $9.95.

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