Trained as an anthropologist, Benjamin Madison worked for seventeen years in Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Sierra Leone and The Gambia, giving rise to his first novel about a cocky, indomitable protagonist, Long Legs Boy (Oolichan 2013). Set in a fictional West African country of Danzania, it's the Oliver Twist-like tale of Modou, orphaned after his family dies from AIDS. Leaving his remote village, Modou attaches himself to an African holy man and becomes a beggar in the city who is increasingly well-known due to his daring escapes from the police. The sixteen stories in Madison's first book, The Moon's Fireflies, chiefly arose from his stint as a volunteer English teacher in Nigeria at Udong Community School as well as other schools.

Madison lives in Victoria.


The Moon's Fireflies (Oolichan

Long Legs Boy (Oolichan 2012) 978-0-88982-290-0 $19.95

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