As an associate professor of geography at SFU, Geoff Mann wrote Our Daily Bread: Wages, Workers, and the Political Economy of the American West. According to Mann, "It is a theoretical and historical study of the cultural politics of the wage in twentieth-century California: how it is theorized by economists and other social scientists, how it has been constructed by labor unions, the state, and workers themselves, and how we might begin to develop a historical-theoretical understanding of the wage that took as seriously as possible the politics of class, gender, race, region and citizenship that are at stake in it."


Our Daily Bread: Wages, Workers and the Political Economy of the American West (U.of Carolina Press 2007) $59.95 9780807831342

Disassembly Required: A Field Guide to Actually Existing Capitalism (AK Press 2013) $16.50 9781849351263

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