THE NEWEST RELEASE FROM VICTORIA'S Studio 123 is Catherine Marcogliese's Emily's Portfolio ($10), an illustrated account of how a young girl's summer visit to Provence in 1990 is enriched by meetings with a strange artist with an orange beard. As the spirit of Vincent van Gogh increasingly enters her paintings and her ability to see things differently Emily records Vincent's teachings in letters to a friend back home. "Vincent told me that every artist must see things his own way," she writes. By the end of the summer Emily is able and willing to accept her father's forthcoming marriage to a painter named Caroline. The book is an unusual amalgam of fine art, psychology and literature. The realistic story of a boy who hops a freight train north to the Squamish area, Danny's Run (Nelson) is the first juvenile novel by Whistler resident Gail Rybar, a former high school teacher. Having written poems for his own children over a 3D-year period, then tested his work in elementary school classes, Parksville's Hereward Allix has supplied the text to The Malajusted Jungle (Oxford $14.95), illustrated by Graham Bardell. A former RCAF pilot and a shipping executive in India and Burma, Allix is also the author of a novel, In the Face of the Enemu (1987).

[BCBW 1991] "Kidlit";