Former Vancouver Sun reporter Dave Margoshes has won a number of poetry awards, including the $5000 Stephen Leacock Prize for Poetry in 1996, at age 54. Margoshes' stories and poems have been published in dozens of magazines and in numerous anthologies. His noir novel called Drowning Man is set in the small fictional B.C. town of Timber in 1970. The protagonist Will Sweeney is an alcoholic reporter on the wrong side of 60. He's forced to take a job in the town where he grew up. A mysterious death in a local motel leads Sweeney to investigate international intrigue and ties to his own past. "Writers are generally tricksters--and I don't know that all writers would necessarily agree with that. It's certainly an idea that I keep in mind when I'm writing--that I am a trickster, that I'm keeping the reader amused, but also mystified and baffled." Margoshes lives in Regina, Saskatchewan.


The Drowning Man (NeWest Press, 2003)
Purity of Absence (Poetry) (Beach Holme Publishing, 2001 ISBN 0-88878-419-8) $12.95
I'm Frankie Sterne (novel) (NeWest Press, 2000, Ronsdale Press, 1999, ISBN 1-896300-23-5) $18.95
We Who Seek: A Love Story (novella) (Black Moss Press, 1999, Oberon Press, 1998, ISBN 0-88753-323-X) $17.95
Tommy Douglas: Building the New Society (biography) $15.95
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The League of Canadian Poets National Poetry Contest, second prize, 1991.
Stephen Leacock Poetry Contest, first prize, 1996.
Saltwater Poetry Contest, second prize, 1997.