Dr. Robert Marshall was born in 1926, the second of four children. His father was a dentist; his mother was one of 800 survivors of the Titanic disaster. The family lived in the Broadway and Laurel streets' area of Vancouver. Dr. Marshall attended Cecil Rhodes elementary school and King Edward High school - then UBC and University of Manitoba, In 1948, he entered medical school at McGill University. After his internship at Vancouver General Hospital, he practiced for two-and-a-half years in the town of Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island, then in 1955 he moved to Mission to join a small group of physicians. He retired from family practice in 1990.

Dudley Deeds: A Doctor's Tale is Robert Marshall's autobiography. As a family biography, it includes "one man's recollection and opinions"; about growing up in the 1930s and 1940s in Vancouver and at the family's summer camp at Soames' Point on the Sunshine Coast. Marshall has vivid memories of summer jobs on deep sea tugs and in pilchard reduction plants, then as an ambulance driver and as a carhop at White Spot, skiing on Grouse Mountain before chairlifts, and traveling on the street cars of Vancouver before the buses came. He describes his university life and medical education in the 1950s, and his rural medical practice on Vancouver Island as a still inexperienced physician.

Marshall recalls his rich medical practice experiences in group practice in Mission. As a family physician, he was also a part time anaesthetist, delivering babies, doing minor surgery and being involved in the New Mission Memorial Hospital as Chief of Medical Staff. He served on committees of the College of Physicians and Surgeons and was rewarded with a medal for "outstanding service 1964-1992."; Most of the so-called "tales"; are family stories about marrying while still a medical student, raising five children, building their house, being deeply involved with grandchildren and numerous friends, boating and traveling. In 1978, his sister and young nephew were killed in a car accident.

Dr. Marshall retired in 1990 and started to write his story in 1996, publishing it in 2010 - hoping that his children and grandchildren - "when they reach ... middle age and wonder about their roots - will find in this a marker pointing back to their beginnings";.


Dudley Deeds: A Doctor's Tale (First Choice Books demand publishing and binding, 2010) 449 pages ISBN 978-1-77084-051-5

(BCBW 2015)