Robert Augustus Masters, a 'psychospiritual trailblazer and shamanic visionary', has two books of inspirational cant, The Way of the Lover and Love Must Also Weep, published by the Xanthyros community based in West Vancouver. Encouraging 'ever-deepening transfamily intimacy', Masters has served as the guide of Xanthyros. There are many new so-called New Age titles in recent years, such as retired Vancouver oil millionaire Bruce McDougall's self-published A Search Beyond Ourselves in 1992. John Kehoe of Deep Cove began to develop his theories of positive thinking while living in a log cabin outside of Ladysmith. Eleven years later, in 1987, he had a number one bestseller in New Zealand with Mind Power. Christopher Moon (b. 1955) is a Nelson-based counsellor and lecturer. His 'New Age' novel from Polestar about the principles of love, Power of the Gift, concerns two men journeying to understand themselves and their places in the world.

[BCBW 1992]