Born in Bralorne, B.C. on November 17, 1952, Yvonne Maximchuk was raised in B.C.

As a single mother of two in White Rock, B.C., Maximchuk fell in love with a prawn fisherman who fished at Boundary Bay. She and her children moved with him to Echo Bay where there was no running water, electricity had to be generated and the closest grocery store was two hours away by boat. She cleared land and helped build a homestead off the grid with her husband Albert Munro, befriending Billy Proctor and gaining access to his trove of stories. She spent ten years working with Bill Proctor on the manuscript to her first book Full Moon, Flood Tide. She was a deckhand for Bill Procter for eight years, and worked as a salmon and ling cod fisher.

Yvonne Maximchuk has been a painter and potter for thirty years, and she has built an art retreat on her seaside property at Echo Bay. "Contrary to popular opinion," she says, "I believe that learning to colour inside the lines adds to a person's creative freedom rather than detracting from it." Consequently she has published a colouring book for adults, Colour the British Columbia Coast (Harbour 2016), complete with artist's tips.


AWARDS: Nominated Bill Duthie's Booksellers Choice Award

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