As a resident of the West End in Vancouver, McKinley published Putting a Roof on Winter (Greystone, 2000). Born in Vancouver and educated at UBC and Oxford, McKinley is a documentary filmmaker whose books on hockey led him to write The Penalty Killing (M&S 2010), the first volume in a projected murder mystery series featuring former hockey great Martin Carter whose career has been cut short by a head injury. He now works in public relations for the fictional New York St. Patricks. A female love interest turns into a would-be blackmailer who has recorded a near-fatal hockey brawl on videotape, only to be found dead a few days later with Carter's DNA on her body and in her apartment. Only he has seen the video before it goes missing. He flees to Vancouver where he tries to exonerate himself.

Legends of Hockey
Etched in Ice
Putting a Roof on Winter (Greystone, 2000)
The Magnificent One: The Story of Mario Lemieux
Hockey: A People's History
The Penalty Killing (M&S 2010). 978-0-7710-5582-9

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