J.P. (Jo-Anne) McLean of Denman Island was raised in the greater Toronto area. She lived in various parts of North America, including Mexico and Arizona to Alberta, before settling on the West Coast in 1988.

Jo-Anne McLean holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of British Columbia, is a certified scuba diver, an avid gardener and a voracious reader. She had a successful career in Human Resources before turning her attention to writing.

McLean is the author of The Gift Legacy series endorsed by authors Elinor Florence and Kristina Stanley. The genre is contemporary fantasy. The series has been described as Fantasy Light and is a good introduction to the genre for the uninitiated.

The first book of her Gift Legacy Series, Awakening, received Honourable Mention at the 2016 Whistler Independent Book Awards. In 2016, J.P. McLean's body of work was included in the centennial anthology of the Comox Valley Writers Society, Writers & Books: Comox Valley 1865-2015.


The Gift: Awakening (Friesen 2012, WindStorm Press 2015)
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The Gift: Revelation (Friesen 2013, WindStorm Press 2015)
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The Gift: Redemption (Friesen 2013, WindStorm Press 2015)
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The Gift: Penance (WindStorm Press 2015)
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The Gift: Betrayal (WindStorm Press 2016)
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