LYTTON BAND CHIEF RUBY DUNSTAN, former Mt. Currie chief Leonard Andrew and environmentalist John McCandless travelled to New Zealand in November of 1988 and presented a copy of Stein: The Way of the River (Talonbooks, 1988) to Hugh Fletcher, chief executive officer of Fletcher Challenge. Stein: The Way of the River explains in historical, ecological and sociological terms why the Stein Valley should be preserved. The threesome made a presentation to approximately 800 Fletcher Challenge shareholders, then met for an hour in private with Hugh Fletcher. "He seemed impressed by the book," says McCandless, "He was surprised that there was such a comprehensive study. He wasn't expecting anything so sophisticated." '

Dunstan and Andrew also met with Maori natives who are protesting the company's logging practices within New Zealand. Fletcher Challenge is the New Zealand-based multinational forest company that has created Fletcher Challenge Canada from British Columbia Forest Products and Crown Forest Industries. Fletcher Challenge Canada hopes to log the region that is celebrated in Michael M'Gonigle and Wendy Wickwire's Stein: The Way of the River. Copies of the Stein book, designed by Ken Seabrook, have also been given to Ian Donald, chief executive of Fletcher Challenge Canada, and Premier Bill Vander Zalm.

[BCBW 1989] "Environment"