Umberto Menghi, an internationally-known restauranteur and cook, is the author of The Umberto Menghi Cookbook (Talonbooks 1982) called the "top recipe book of the year," and Umberto's Pasta Book (Talonbooks 1985), a guide to cooking every pasta from agnolotti to ziti. Menghi has been praised in every food and travel magazine in North America, including Gourmet and Bon Appetit. He has had his own syndicated television cooking show, The Elegant Appetite. Umberto's Kitchen is a collection of 150 favourite recipes and displays the influences of British Columbia, Tuscany and northern California. Toscana Mia (D&M 2003) has dishes cooked by Umberto's mother and grandmother, and encourages readers to develop a feel for quantities. His other cookbooks are The Umberto Menghi Seafood Cookbook (1987) and The Flavours of Tuscany (D&M).

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