In the Summer issue of BC Studies, review S.E. Read wrote, "Of Place Names of the Pacific Northwest Coast I could say little, or much. I prefer to say little. Compiled by Mrs. Lynn Middleton, a true native of the province who has cruised its coastal waters by sailboat and by power, she obviously knows the coast, and loves what she knows. But love is not enough. In some two hundred and twenty-six pages she records somewhat more than fourteen hundred entries (against Walbran's slightly more than 1200 entries in five hundred and forty-six pages), and she achieves this total only by adding American names (chiefly from Washington but some from Oregon) but also by the inclusion of local place names that have come into being in recent years. In this way she has updated Walbran, but she has also dropped many names recorded by her distinguished forerunner... the result is that hundreds of entries are simply shortened Walbran -- word for word. As the New Yorker might say, it is a volume packed with many strange coincidences."

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Place Names of the Pacific Northwest Coast: Origins, Histories, and Anecdotes in Bibliographic Form About the Coast of British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon. (Victoria: Eldee, 1969)

[BCBW 2005] "Place Names"