A former editor and columnist of The Province, born in London, England, Geoffrey Molyneux of Langley, B.C. served in the R.A.F. and worked on Fleet Street newspapers in London prior to his arrival in Vancouver to work for the Vancouver Sun in 1952. With Ilya Gerol he co-authored The Manipulators: Inside the Soviet Media (Stoddart 1988) and he later served as chief western writer and researcher for Chronicle of Canada. He compiled and wrote British Columbia: An Illustrated History (Raincoast 1992; revised and reprinted 2002), which divides B.C. history into six periods and examines B.C. politics from a former newspaper editor's perspective. Uncredited, Molyneux also co-wrote Dr. Allan Duncan's memoir, Medicine, Madames and Mounties for Raincoast Books.

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