Ontario-raised Lyn Mooy lived and wrote in Trail, B.C. from 1980 to October 16, 2009.

A 2010 Press Release from Eclectic Diversions in March announced the company had optioned film rights to her two novel Carousel and Carousel: The Missing Years, both spawned by her addictions to men, alocohol and abuse, spanning sixty years of her life.

"These books offer a no-holds-barred look at addiction, poverty and abuse as seen through the eyes of someone who has lived it and come out the other side. What makes her story unique is the element of her attraction to men. In essence, she has a fatal addiction to love,"; says Douglas Tardif, Managing Director, Eclectic Diversions Inc.

"Carousel chronicles Mooy's early years in Ontario and the genesis of her addictions. Unwanted by her mother, then rejected by her father, in her teen years Mooy develops a fatal need for a man to fill that void. Spurned by her first husband, Mooy then hooks up with any good-looking guy who comes her way. Battered or abandoned by the endless stream of men who pass through her life, at thirty-eight Mooy finds herself a pregnant, penniless grandmother. Stunned to discover her pre-teen daughter has been molested by one of these men, Mooy makes the difficult decision to move out west to protect her children and reclaim her life. Carousel The Missing Years recounts in greater detail Mooy's life out west, her battle and eventual success in overcoming her addictions."

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