Born in Brighton, England and educated at Cambridge, Roland Morgan married West Vancouverite Emily Disher, a sculptor. The former Georgia Straight editor and novelist moved to London where he published mystery fiction and initiated a writing contest similar to the Three Day Novel Contest that had originated in Vancouver. He returned to live in British Columbia, at Cowichan Bay, in 2005, and co-wrote 9-11 Revealed (2005). In the Seventies he compiled a series of 'Then & Now' photo books that compared various locales in urban centres including San Francisco, Seattle, Honolulu, Victoria and British Columbia. The concept has since been copied by others. Morgan also co-authored Toronto the Good with Gerald Utting.


9-11 Revealed (London: Robinson, 2005)
Vancouver Then and Now, photographs by Tom Wroblewski (Bodima Publications, 1977; Whitecap Books, 1983)
Victoria Then and Now, co-authored with Emily Disher (Bodima Publications, 1977)
B.C. Then and Now: Volume One. Okanagan/Kootenay/Cariboo (Vancouver: B.C. Heritage Trust, 1978)

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