"For good reason, I think people know that they can't trust us." -- Marjorie Nichols, on journalists.

At age 23 in 1967, Marjorie Nichols became the youngest reporter and only woman in the Ottawa press gallery for the now-defunct Ottawa Journal. Eleven years later she was an Ottawa columnist and bureau chief. In her her career with the Ottawa Citizen and Vancouver Sun she became a close associate with Allan Fotheringham, Pamela Wallin, Hugh Winsor, John Sawatsky and especially Jack Webster in their later years. Diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer in 1988, she died on December 29, 1991 in Red Deer Hospital at age 48. Co-written with Jane O'Hara, based on interviews conducted in Ottawa in 1991, her candid autobiography entitled Mark My Words: The Memoirs of a Very Political Reporter (D&M 1992) appeared posthumously with remarks about her love affairs and her battle with alcoholism. It was composed shortly before her death. O'Hara first met Nichols in 1991.

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