My Road to Rome: The Running Times of BJ McHugh (Sandhill $18.95 2011) recounts how Vancouver's BJ McHugh became the world's fastest senior long-distance runner for her age group. A farmer's daughter who was born at a time when few women ever dreamed of running marathons, McHugh, now in her eighties, only took up running in her fifties. Her memoir of courage and determination was co-written with Bob Nixon. McHugh was still active in 2015, continuing to set world records for her age group. 9780986905407

Bob Nixon has also published The Dog Eater's Lament as a Kindle book. Nixon describes it as a novel and an outrageous adventure tale in which "our young anti-hero Charles travels from the fox hunting fields of 1910 England to the moors of Scotland, on Arctic polar quests, then marooned atop of an iceberg before rescue and a trip to New York's famed Westminster Dog Show with financier J.P. Morgan." Ostensibly it's the memoir of 18-year old Charles, an English orphan who is tricked into eating dog meat. Much to his detriment, a culinary fixation ensues. "No man ever suffered more misadventure and bad luck in his pursuit of a bizarre obsession," says one reviewer.

DATE OF BIRTH: May 7, 1956

PLACE OF BIRTH: Winnipeg, Manitoba



Tiananmen Square - Douglas and McIntyre - 1989 (co-author)

My Road to Rome: The Running Times of BJ McHugh (Sandhill 2011). Co-author

The Dog Eater's Lament (self-published ebook, 2014).

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