Frank Nowosad wrote the biography of Victoria-based painter Richard Ciccimarra who committed suicide in Greece in 1973. Born in Vienna, Austria in 1924, Ciccimarra was a largely self-taught artist who immigrated to Canada in the early 1950s and became a member of the artistic circle called the Limners that centred around the Victoria Art Gallery. He was also an accomplished fly fisherman and outdoors guide. He is remembered for his tissue collages on wood panels, covered in beeswax. Nowosad's book is simply titled Ciccimarra: A Biography (Ann Arbor, Michigan: Fuller Technical Publications, 1988). Nicholas Tuele of Victoria also wrote Richard Ciccimarra, 1924-1973 (Art Gallery of Victoria, 1988). Nowosad wrote on art for the Vancouver Sun in the 1980s and he choreographed skating.

[BCBW 2004] "Art"