Born in Gretna, Manitoba in 1914, Edward (Les) Nuffield first came to B.C. in 1939 to attend UBC, then taught at the University of Toronto for many years as a geologist. He published a 1969 textbook on mathematical crystallography, followed by With The West In Her Eyes in 1987. He retired as Professor Emeritus of Geology at the University of Toronto, where he also served as Associate Dean of Arts & Science. Developing his interest in history upon returning to B.C., he wrote The Pacific Northwest: Its Discovery and Early Exploration by Sea, Land and River (Hancock House, 1990) which has been adopted for use in B.C. schools. His ongoing history project is a study of pre-Columbus 'discoverers' of Canada such as Irish monks, Vikings, Portugese and Spanish sailors. He also wrote Samuel Hearne: Journey to the Coppermine River, 1769-1772 (Vancouver: Haro Books, 2001).

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