A meteorological expert born in Devon, Timothy Oke emigrated in 1963 and came to UBC to teach in 1970. He became Head of the geography department and co-editor of Vancouver and its Region, an overview by 19 UBC geographers. As the author of Boundary Layer Climates and The Climate of Vancouver, Oke is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and the Royal Canadian Geographic Society.


The Climate of Vancouver (Tantalus, 1976)
Boundary Layer Climates (M. and J. Wiley, 1978)
Vancouver and its Region (UBC Press, 1992)
Surface Climates of Canada (McGill-Queens University Press, 1997)
Biometeorology and Urban Climatology at the Turn of the Millenium, co-written with A. Auliciems, R.J. De Dear and J.D. Kalma (Geneva, World Meteorological Organization, 2000)

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Review of the author's work by BC Studies:
Vancouver and Its Region