DATE OF BIRTH: April 8/1953

PLACE OF BIRTH: Niagara Falls, Ontario




BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Born in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada in 1953, during the years of tears, when Polio ravaged our Countries. I survived. The use of braces and wheel chairs where a part of my youth. I am now married, with three children, five Grandchildren. My home is in Agassiz British Columbia Canada. I paint pictures relating to Polio, as well as landscapes and portraits of family and friends. I am a member of the kickstart festival of 2004, located in Vancouver British Columbia. I am also a member of the local Monday Painters of Agassiz in good standing. I have written a sitcom Pilot, soon to be turned into a play, titled The Handicapable Detective agency. A high ranking police officer finds himself unemployed after a trauma to the head. Deciding to open his own counseling business, he soon discovers the ability several of his clients have. After a nervous outing that finds Steve Haden in trouble, his clients come to the rescue. In the end The Handicapable Detective agency is formed. Filmed in Agassiz British Columbia Canada on location at the Ledoux Hardware store; 2002 copy right N.A.B. Productions.

Her self-published book Nevaeh is about Amy, an eleven-year-old diagnosed with a life threatening illness, who, along with her two friends Miranda and Stella, decide to have one last adventure together before she is sent away for treatment in Toronto. The girls choose a hike in the woods. Once deep into the forest they sit down to rest. One of them notice something shining a good distance away. They decide to take a closer look. Miranda the nervous of the three, is not happy about the decision. Stella a more inquisitive young girl enjoys the added adventure. Curiosity getting the best of them, the girls discover what appears to be a fallen star. Miranda is hesitant to be near it, Stella is intrigued, and Amy sees it as a special gift. They notice an entrance on one side of the star. Something in the bushes frighten them, they find themselves inside. The breath-taking interior is entirely formed of crystals. The girls are in awe. Accidentally one of them lean against a crystal that dissolves the only way out.


Nevaeh (Publish America, 2006) 1-4137-9998-1.

[BCBW 2006] "Kidlit"