Dick Oulton was a somewhat cheesey, bachelor commercial photographer who worked in Vancouver from 1962 to 1994. As part of its superb, non-elitist series on BC photographers, Presentation House in North Vancouver mounted a 2008 exhibit of Oulton's portraits and fashion images, rescued from oblivion by friends, that inadvertently provide an oddly alluring representation of middle class looks and values. "Whether plain or pretty, casual or dressed up, the models emanate personality as they enact a performance for Oulton and his camera,"; in Meet Dick Oulton: Lynn Valley 5 (Presentation House/Bywater Bros Editions). Included is a photo of Oulton with a would-be model named Dorothy Stratten, touching glasses together, in a Vancouver nightclub in 1979. 0-920293-82-9


Meet Dick Oulton: Lynn Valley 5 (Presentation House/Bywater Bros Editions 2008

PHOTO: Dick Oulton with Dorothy Stratten

[BCBW 2009] "Photography"