DATE OF BIRTH: March 23, 1952

PLACE OF BIRTH: United Kingdom



EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: art critic, academic, art history instructor

BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Born in the U.K., Yvonne Owens was raised in the U.S. from the age of nine. She moved to San Francisco in her early 20s, and to New York City in her early 30s. After emigrating to Canada in 1986, Yvonne worked at the Fran Willis Gallery in Victoria, wrote art criticism for Monday Magazine, Artichoke, Vie Des Arts, and even (briefly) for BC BookWorld. Returning to university in 1999, she received an Honours BA in art history from the University of Victoria, then went on to complete her Master's degree at the University of York, U.K. Having taught art history at the Victoria College of Art, she is currently a Marie Curie PhD Fellow in the Centre For European Studies at University College London. Yvonne is a co-founder of the Thirteenth House Mystery School Tradition of Wicca.


The Journey of the Bard, Horned Owl Publishers, 1996

The Cup of Mari Anu, Horned Owl Publishers, 1995

The Witch's Book of Days (with Jessica North and Jean Kozocari), Beach Holme Press, 1993