DATE OF BIRTH: August 23, 1960

PLACE OF BIRTH: Oakland, California, USA

ARRIVAL IN CANADA: 1966, at age 5


EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Associate Professor of Anthropology,
University of Alberta

BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Andie Diane Palmer was born in Oakland California, and moved to Burnaby with her parents, a Physicist and a Chemist, in 1966, when
they took up positions at the newly created Simon Fraser University. She was
raised in Burnaby, and attended Western Washington University and the
University of Washington. She conducted field research in Lushootseed (PugetSalish) territory, writing her MA on the translation and the teachings of a Story, "Rock and Coyote" as told by the Lushootseed Elder, Educator, and
Storyteller, Vi Taqwsheblu Hilbert. At the urging of Hilbert, Andie then
went to Secwepemc (Shuswap) territory in the the Cariboo region of British
Columbia, to record the Stories there for her PhD research. In the time she
lived at Esket (formerly called Alkali Lake Indian Reserve), Andie was
introduced to a world in which stories told during travels on the land
create a 'map of experience,' providing the basis of a shared understanding
and social relationship to territory. Andie received a PhD in Anthropology
in 1994 from the University of Washington, based on her research at Esket.
Her book, "Maps of Experience" is developed from her years of research with
storytellers in Salish country, especially with the George family of Esket.
"Maps of Experience" concerns the ways Secwepemc engagement in traditional practices of hunting and gathering creates shared lived experiences between
individuals, while re-creating a familiar social context in which existing
knowledge of the land may be effectively shared and acted upon. The
particulars of exchanges described in this book may open up some
possibilities for discussions across cultures regarding the strong
associations of Peoples to Place, Language, and Story.

Andie Palmer resides in Edmonton with her husband and their daughter.

Review of the author's work by BC Studies:
Maps of Experience: The Anchoring of Land to Story in Secwepemc Discourse


Maps of Experience: The Anchoring of Land to Story in Secwepemc Discourse (University of Toronto Press, 2005)

PHOTO: Andie Palmer and Secwepemc Elder, Angela George.

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