Wrote Take d Milk, Nah? (Playwrights Canada $17.95), a humorous identity play.

Jiv is "Canadian." And "Indian." And "Hindu. "And "West Indian." "Trinidadian," too. Or maybe he's just colonized. He's not the "white boy" he was teased as within his immigrant household. Especially since his Nova Scotian neighbours seemed to think he was Black. Except for the Black people -- they were pretty sure he wasn't. He's not an Arab, and allegedly not a Muslim -- at least that's what he started claiming after 9/11. Whatever he is, the public education system was able to offer him the chance to learn about his culture from a coffee table book on "Eastern Mythology." And then he had a religious epiphany while delivering a calf in Trinidad. By now, Jiv's collected a lot of observations about trying to find your place in your world.

Jivesh Parasram is a multidisciplinary artist of Indo Caribbean descent (Cairi/Trinidad & Tobago). He grew up in Mi?Kma?Ki (Nova Scotia) before moving to Tkoronto (Toronto). In 2009 he co-founded Pandemic Theatre, through which much of his work has been created, often in close collaboration with co-founder Tom Arthur Davis. In 2018, Parasram took on the position of artistic director for Rumble Theatre. He lives primarily Vancouver.

Take d Milk, Nah? (Playwrights Canada 2020)$17.95 9780369100986