According to publicity materials, Maynard and Zeke: A Liar's Playground, the first humourous novel by Kim Parrish, a former high school English teacher, is "not for the Young or Squeamish. Adults will enjoy this highly entertaining, improbable, yet unforgettable satirical romp through a fantasy world that stretches the imagination in all directions."

James Kimball Parrish was born in Ontario, but his family relocated to Vancouver in 1975 when he was in high school. After obtaining his Bachelor of Arts degree from UBC (1982-English Language & Literature) and travelling for over a year in Europe, he briefly lived in Toronto. He returned to UBC in 1988/89 to gain his Secondary English teaching certificate. He worked as a high school teacher in Vancouver for almost twenty years, mostly at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary. He moved to mainland China in 2003 and met his future wife there, in Beijing, in 2004. After suffering a debilitating stroke in 2006, he was married in 2007. They mainly reside in Beijing, with occasional stints in Canada.


Maynard and Zeke: A Liar's Playground (Strategic Book Publishing, 2012) $15.97 978-1-61204-632-7

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