Anglican services were first performed in the Pacific Northwest in August of 1836 when the disenchanted and ineffectual Reverend Herbert Beaver arrived at Fort Vancouver to administer to "the common herd of savages." Reverend Professor Frank Peake M.A. B.D. traced the history of West Coast Anglicanism from that date to 1927 in The Anglican Church in British Columbia (Mitchell Press, 1959; 208 p. $5.25). Born and raised in England, he came to Canada in 1937 under the auspices of the Commonwealth and Continental Church Society. He took undergraduate training in Saskatchewan and was ordained as a deacon in 1941, and as a priest in 1942. He wrote his Master's thesis on the origins of the Diocese of Edmonton. He was appointed Registrar and Professor in the Anglican Theological College of British Columbia in 1953. He became Archivist of the Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia in 1955. His other books in the field of religion include Seeing and Believing (1950) and Toward a Living Faith (1956).


The Anglican Church in British Columbia (Mitchell Press, 1959)

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