Born in B.C. in 1926, Pereira grew up in Grand Forks, B.C. and has lived in Brazil and Ireland. Her second collection of linked stories, The Home We Leave Behind (St. John's: Killick, Creative Publishers, 1992), follows the progress of Annie MacDonald from her adolescence in the Kettle Valley of B.C. to her life as a wife in northern Ontario, followed by a second marriage in a different culture. It was published when she was living in Mississauga, Ontario, after it served as the basis for her thesis in the 1991-1992 Masters Program at Cleveland State University as a mature student. She subsequently taught English at Sheridan College in Ontario. She previously published Magpie in the Tower (Creative Publishers, 1990), a collection of towers derived from her experiences "tower sitting" a Martello tower in Ireland in County Wexford near the Waterford Estuary for a year.

[BCBW 2006] "Fiction"