With this support from Canada, I feel to be strongly energized. It gives a lot of meaning only to me but rather to the many.

I feel as if on my head there were very heavy stones and now they get drop down leaving me with light wait [weight].

With this budget, I am now going to start the rehabilitation project fully.

There is a certain nurse, known as Kibiriti, who has worked at the Mama Doctor clinic at Mahenge. She is important to know because this nurse can get the medication for the recovering patients.

I have communicated with Kibiriti in a very effective way so there is no more worry on how I will get drugs from the Mama Doctor clinic. I will get the drugs and put them here at St. Peter Claver Dispensary in Luhombero so that the doctor and nurses can take care of them.

With this support I am going to start with three workers, namely Digna, Paul Nkano and Kilimo. I hope to begin with not less than 8 acres or 10 acres. Irrigation takes the first priority. I have a vision to realize in that. This will make Digna and others to be here at Luhombero as soon as possible. I will handle all these matters as I will be here with them always.

What is important for them is their medication. With the doctor and nurses here at Luhombero, things will be under control. I have the connection with the doctors at Mama Doctor clinic there at Mahenge so the constant supply of medication is assured.

For now I have managed to mobilize people at one of my outstations to plant cash nut trees. It has become very effective. It is about 250 trees which takes not less than 13 acres. This crop has a great demand in Tanzania and even outside Tanzania. Seedlings are provided free by the government. I took the seedlings with my motorcycle to the site. I am very happy to start this. It is a three-year program after which I expect to start harvesting.

The arrival of a tractor would of course be a great impact but I realize that is not possible. Perhaps someday.

I do not have equivalent words to express myself. It is very movelous [marvelous]. As long as you work and strive for the lowly and disadvantaged people, miraculously you will be awarded abundantly and joyously.

- Father Placid, Luhombero, Tanzania