Along with Koozma Tarasoff, Eli Popoff has long been one of the main Kootenay-based Doukhobor authors. His publications include the novel entitled Tanya and several important works pertaining to Doukhobor history and society. His novel is unusual in that traditionally Doukhoborism encourages a spiritual and economic collectivism that is at odds with the portrayal of a single protagonist. [See Julie Rak, Negotiated Memory]


Tanya (Grand Forks: MIR Publication Society, 1975)

Historical Exposition on Doukhobor Beliefs, Second Enlarged Edition, Privately Published, Grand Forks, B.C., 1982.

Stories From Doukhobor History. Grand Forks, B.C.: Iskra Publications, 1992.

The Summarized Report of the Joint Committee Symposium Meetings l974 - l982. Grand Forks, B.C.: Iskra, 1997. (Compiler and translator)

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