Rod Power, author of the novel Shadow of Light slated for publication in 2011 [see below], grew up in Grand Falls, Newfoundland, joined the Canadian Corps of Engineers at an early age and entered the military survey school in Ottawa. Upon returning to civilian life, he became a Professional Land Surveyor and established his consulting practice in Vernon, British Columbia. He later became a member the Bahamas Association of Land Surveyors while at the same time graduating from the School of Community and Regional Planning at the University of British Columbia.

Rod Power's great grandfather, the Reverend Fred Fuge, spent 20 years bringing Christianity to the Zulus at the turn of the last century, later publishing four books about his experiences, and Rod's 94-year-old mother is presently recording her memoirs, which includes the family's relationship with U.S. forces stationed in NFLD during WW II. Son Robert is a successful international lawyer and daughter Andrea has conducted missionary work in Russia and in Africa, where she witnessed the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Rod is also an accomplished musician, mostly piano, and in the early years played lead guitar with a rock and roll band.

Years of international consulting, often for Rockwell International in Dallas, saw Rod traverse the length and breadth of North and South America, Europe, Africa, Indonesia and the Middle East. Those exciting and sometimes dangerous experiences (as in minutes away from being lynched in Qum, Iran) prompted Rod to record numerous details about his encounters with the locals. These notes have since been assembled and arranged in storyline context, resulting in six manuscripts to date, the first of which: Shadow of Light, is being released by Sheaf House in Sept/2011. This publisher is also reviewing another two: Day of the Resurrection and The Exordium.


The year is 2012, the place South Brooklyn. Brooks Hennessey, publisher of the local weekly paper, has everything one can ask for, yet he is not a happy man. When a junior angel experiences an overwhelming desire to become personally involved in human affairs, Brooks' dissolute lifestyle comes to a grinding halt. Belonging to the very lowest angelic order, the Ophanim, Sarius has been hanging around earth for the last fifty years or so, during which time he twice asked to serve as a guardian. His impulsive decision to take over the body of an old Irish widow at the moment of her sudden death is seen by his peers as an extreme manifestation of this desire to serve.

Sarius begins his earthly tenure with a bang: by getting rid of the three hoodlums responsible for Kathleen Kelly's death, after which he moves in with Brooks and his cold-hearted wife Rachael to become part of their family. Over the next two days a series of wonderfully quirky incidents result from this intimate relationship with the angel, and great fun is had by all-until a messenger appears at Hennessey's gate in the middle of the night.

Dan Copeland, senior astronomer at the University of Hawaii, having just made a profound discovery, rushes off to be with his (divorced) wife and family before the news breaks. His planned get-together never materializes. Once in Brooklyn, Copeland's terrible knowledge about the approaching neutron star is immediately picked up by Sarius, who is shocked and appalled. The angel must now inform his hosts that twelve hours from now the world will come to an end.

Later that morning at the final Mass before the end of time, while listening to Father Harry's bizarre homily, Sarius is struck by the fact that events given in the Bible foretelling the end have yet to take place. It is for this very reason that the old priest refuses to believe Armageddon has arrived. His observations torment Sarius so much that the angel leaves the church to seek an audience with God. His request is denied by the great Metatron, but the angel goes forward anyway. God listens to what Sarius has to say, and while He is sympathetic, informs the junior angel it is to late to save humanity. When the angel's strenuous objections reach the point of disrespect, God sends him on his way with a final admonishment not to interfere.

Back inside the church there is ample proof that the END is close at hand as the earth's atmosphere is rapidly being drawn away by the gravity star. Pandemonium reigns. Sarius, in the person of Kathleen Kelly, returns to be with his human friends during their final moments, but his anger and frustration continue to grow. He decides to make one final attempt to avert the disaster. What follows is a struggle of unprecedented proportions where no one, not even the angel, could have envisioned the outcome.

Narrow Road Press
Pub Date: Sept 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9824832-6-8

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