Michael J. Prince is Lansdowne Professor of Social Policy in the Faulty of Human And Social Development at the University of Victoria.


Policy Advice and Organizational Survival (Gower, 1983)
Public Budgeting in Canada (Carleton UP, 1988)
Changing the Rules: Canadian Regulatory Institutions and Regimes (U of T, 1999)

Co-author of:
The Origins of Public Enterprise in the Canadian Mineral Sector (Centre for Resource Studies, Queen's University, 1985) with G. Bruce Doern.
Federal and Provincial Budgeting (U of Toronto P, 1986) with Allan Maslove and G. Bruce Doern.
Aid for Small Business Exporting Firms (IRPP, 1990) with John A. Chenier.
Changing Politics of Canadian Social Policy (U of Toronto P, 2000, 2012) with James J. Rice.
Policy: From Ideas to Implementation in Honour of Professor G. Bruce Doern (McGill-Queens, 2010).
Three Bio-Realms:Biotechnology and the Governance of Food, Health, and Life in Canada (U of T press, 2012) with G. Bruce Doern $60 978-1-4426-4277-5.

Editor of:

How Ottawa Spends 1986-87: Tracking the Tories. Metheun, 1986.
How Ottawa Spends 1987-88: Restraining the State. Methuen, 1987.

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