Heather Ramsay is a very active Haida Gwaii freelance writer who has written articles for B.C. BookWorld and numerous other publications.

Heather Ramsay and Kwiaahwah Jones have compiled and edited Gina Waadluxan Tluu: The Everything Canoe, published by the Haida Gwaii Museum Press. This full-colour, soft-cover book contains almost 80 pages of current and archival pictures, book excerpts, quotes and more. According to publicity materials, it "offers insights from carvers, elders, artists and voices from the past on the great cedar canoes. These canoes, carved from a single old growth tree and steamed to obtain their final shape, were once essential to Haida culture. The book discusses how the Haida were first taught to make canoes by supernaturals and how the bodies of supernatural beings, like SGaana or Killer Whale, can transform into canoes. The Haida language has also been influenced by the remarkable dug-out vessels. Expressions of welcome or agreement can be traced back to the time of canoes. Modern-day carvers also discuss tips on design of vessels and paddles, and others talk of recent journeys undertaken by canoe."


GINA WAADLUXAN TLUU: The Everything Canoe (Haida Gwaii Museum Press, $40). ISBN: 978-0-920651-30-8