CITY/TOWN: New Westminster, B.C.

DATE OF BIRTH: Nov. 7, 1929

PLACE OF BIRTH: Winnipeg, Man.




Premiers in Profile - The Good, The Bad and The Transient. Heritage House, 2000.
Images of History - Twentieth Century British Columbia Through the Front Pages. Orca. 1997

Scandal!! 130 Years of Damnable Deeds in Canada's Lotus Land. Heritage House, 2001

The Canadian Journey: Provocative Glimpses into Canada's Past. Detselig, 2006.

Canada on the Doorstep: 1939 (Dundurn 2011)


Born, raised and educated in Winnipeg, William Rayner joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 1947. After five years' service (including the Korean War), he embarked on a 34-year newspaper career as reporter, sports writer and editor. Upon early retirement in 1988, he began writing books about B.C. and Canadian history. He is is divorced with one child. His pursuits when not writing include reading, playing bad chess and passable Scrabble, and chasing tornadoes each spring.

"Errol Flynn Dies In City". "PM Secretly Weds W. Van. Girl Here". "Pacific Express Held Up Near Mission City". All are headlines from B.C. papers, compiled by veteran reporter and editor William Rayner, in Images of History (Orca $18.95), a decade by decade chronicle of twentieth century newspaper history in the province. 1 55143 08904

At 86, veteran newspaperman William Rayner was legally blind and his fingers don't work so well anymore. That didn't stop him from e-publishing his debut e-novel, Flood Warning (Endeavour Press $3.99), described by Rayner as "a yarn about a father-son private eye team in San Francisco during the 1930s."

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