Pratibha N. Reebye is a Vancouver, B.C.-based child psychiatrist and the author of Understanding Regulation Disorder with Sensory Processing in Children (Jessica Kingsley).

Reebye's short story collection, Under the Baobab Tree (Trafford Publishing 2010), brings readers closer to her South Asian heritage with an index providing definitions for words like "jamuns"; (fried Indian sweets) and "puris"; (fried wheat bread). She writes from varying perspectives - mothers, children, relatives and neighbors. Reebye

"Technoforest"; is about the mother of an infant in the special care nursery at the hospital. Her preemie son, David, is recovering from heart surgery and she closely monitors his progress with that familiar combination of trepidation and hope. When she is told he'll be able to move to the "Grower"; ward, she can hardly contain her feelings of excitement.

"These stories are written for those who do not look like me, or have not had childhood experiences like me, or opportunities to negotiate two or three worlds, all at once,"say Reebye. "I am trying to portray the immigrant's world.

[BCBW 2010]