Originally from Yorkshire, Dr. Stuart Richmond has taught in high schools in England and Canada. He was Dean of the School of Creative Arts, Sciences and Technology at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. Stuart is a professor of Arts Education in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. He is an avid walker and photographer.

With dancer Celeste Snowber of SFU, he-wrote Landscapes of Aesthetic Education (Cambridge University Press 2009). They see aesthetic education as aiming to extend creativity, appreciation of the arts and nature, and the sensuous qualities of everyday life, to gain a more intimate understanding of the self and the world. They include poetic, narrative, philosophical, and artistic ways of writing to support a more embodied and holistic aesthetics. Landscapes of
Aesthetic Education has significance for educators, scholars, students, and artists, and for all who would like to explore the connections between the arts, aesthetics, and transformation.


Landscapes of Aesthetic Education (Cambridge University Press 2009). 9781443813969. 205 pp. Hardback. £39.99/USD59.99. C0-authored with Celeste Snowber.

[BCBW 2009]