As an elder of the Haisla First Nation, and a resident in the Kitlope Valley region around present day Kemano, Robertson published the first Haisla text in the original language in a trilingual work, Baxwbakwalanusiwa. Un récit Haisla / a Haisla story, raconté par / as told by Gordon Robertson (Amerindia, No. 14, Supplement 3, 1990) with the assistance of Neville J. Lincoln, John C. Rath and Evelyn Windsor. The story concerns a blind man who hunts with a magic arrow, differing slightly from a version provided by Chief Simon Walkus. Robertson spent two years in a mission school at Kitamaat until he was removed by his grandfather, Chief Gpsgauleq, and accorded a traditional Haisla upbringing. He was an important consultant on the Haisla dictionary that was edited by Lincoln and Rath.

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