Alfred John Bradford Petrie ("Brad") Robinson was a literary colleague of George Bowering and Barry McKinnon, active in the Kosmic Baseball League in Vancouver. Robinson wrote for the Georgia Straight under the pen name "Engledink Birdhumper." He later moved to the Comox Valley. In addition to writing, he was passionate about tennis. For 20 years Robinson coordinated the annual Wombledon tennis tournament in Comox.


Suddens (1965 Aliquando Press)
The Rainpipe Poems (1970 Weed/Flower Press)
Skin Scales for Psoriasis Sufferers (Weed/Flower Press)
Thank Goodness You Called (1971 I.B.Heshe&it Works)
Stan Persky's Section: An Interview (Beaver Kosmos Folio)
As Far As The Music Will Go (1972 Caledonia Writing Series)
Robinson's Weekly Magazine (1977)
Afternoon Tea (1986 Coach House Press)
The Point Petrie Notes: A Country Journal (1989 The Port Milford Press)
O Amiable Beast: Baudelaire's Cats - Translations (1995 Letters Press)
The Walking Wife Series: A Lunch in Bangkok (2008)
"Kosmic Baseball" (2009 Geist)

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