First head of the Geography Department at UBC from 1953 to 1968, J. Lew Robinson was born in Leamington, Ontario on July 9, 1918. He was a high school track star in Ontario. Robinson completed his Ph.D from Syracuse University in 1942. He came to B.C. in September of 1946. He received various teaching awards. Prolific as an academic, he received honorary degrees from UBC in 1994 and University of Western Ontario in 1984. He wrote or co-wrote 14 books, contributed chapters to 17 others, and made entries for the Canadian Encyclopedia, Britannica, Funk and Wagnalls, American Peoples, Colliers Crowell-Colliers, World Book, Groliers Book of Knowledge, Arete; Chambers (England), Universalis (France) and Verlag Herder (West Germany). He died at age 90 on July 19, 2008. The J. Lewis Robinson Memorial Scholarship was named in his honour. One of his three children, David, co-founded Talonbooks, one of British Columbia's major publishing houses.


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