Former Vancouverite Patrick Roscoe was born on the Spanish island of Formentera in 1962, spent his childhood in East Africa, was also educated in England and Canada, and has lived in California and Mexico. Along the way he spent three years as a street prostitute. This period of his life is reflected in a collection of stories called Birthmarks, written when he was living in Seville, Spain. He returns to live in B.C. periodically and wishes to be considered as a B.C. writer. The Lost Oasis opens with a telephone call from a small town in British Columbia to a young man in Sevilla, notifying him that his father has disappeared. He begins searching for his father in Morocco, gradually recovering the past with his memories.


Beneath the Western Slopes (Stoddart 1987) Stories
Birthmarks (Penguin 1990) Stories
God's Peculiar Care (Penguin 1991) Novel
Love is Starving for Itself
The Lost Oasis (M&S 1995)
The Truth about Love (Key Porter, 2001)
The Laboratory of Love (Arsenal 2013) $18.95 978-1-55152-521-1

[BCBW 2013] "Fiction"